Earn Online By Writing Free Lance

People who are good at writing or who enjoy writing articles, blogs, and short fictional stories or just like writing in general about almost any topic can often find there is a market for ready made, good quality content that they may be able to sell on sites like Upwork, ELance or Freelancer. Some popular sites like eHow, About.com, and Yahoo are looking for writers and by selling or even just contributing regularly to these sites it can help build up your reputation. This, in turn. will help you to negotiate for better and better rates as well as being able to compete for some of the higher paying freelance jobs. Many of these will pay about $50 per hour or more. But if doing this type of work, it is vital to keep in contact with the people you contract for as they like to know what’s going on and not to be kept in the dark because they often have deadlines to meet. This is especially important if you have a long term contract or a longer term project. By sending them regular updates you will build people’s confidence in your abilities and asking questions insures you have a good understanding of the work required.
If you ever have a job and are finding it hard to deliver the promised work or to finish your contract, contact the people you are working for as soon as possible and let them know. Business is business and common courtesy goes a long way. People need to be sure you can be relied on or they will not employ you again and can very easily destroy your reputation, so don’t ever do anything that is going to hurt your reputation.

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