Earn Online BY Selling Instructional Products

At this moment, the fastest growing area on the internet, both for finding things and having an internet presence, is Instagram. It is so simple and effective it has taken over Facebook and YouTube because of the huge amount of garbage they have both now collected.
Right now the biggest Instagram users are women over 45 years old and this is no joke. It used to be teenagers on Facebook, but because of the new smart phones, these often technically challenged users have become the biggest users and also the biggest spenders with an estimated user rate of 46%, and with their relatively large spending budget, these people are usually at the stage of life when they have a little spending power and are happy to use it.

If you can write an eBook, then putting together an instructional or informational book or better still, some kind of eProduct such as a DVD series, software, app, instructional CD set, online course, podcasts, technical video or anything that would help people and solve any technical problems etc., this should not be too difficult (especially as you can outsource where needed). There is a huge readymade customer base on Instagram, (not that you should stop using all the other social media platforms as well), for this kind of product.

These products can be sold anywhere and there is no interaction (unless you want it). They often start at several hundred dollars and can be updated as needed or you can ask for an email address to send them updates so these people become part of your email base. You should be trying to add to your email at every opportunity as it is your best source of high quality traffic. High quality in the sense that they have already purchased from you so are very likely to do so again, without too much persuasion, especially if you have provided good quality for money in the past.

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