Earn Money By Selling E-books

If you do this job the  the right way, selling e-Books can be quite a good passive income stream. Once you have published your book and it is there permanently, it will just keep on selling a few copies (or if you’re lucky, lots of copies) for years to come. Because there are millions of books out there, it is often hard to break into this market and it does take time to write a good book and usually it will take a while for it to start selling and provide you with an income, but if you’ve got a lot of knowledge about a particular topic and love to write, the new technology makes it really easy for anyone to write, edit, and self-publish your own eBook for free. With little trouble you can make a very good income with eBooks. These can sell for as little as $1, all the way up to +$100, depending on the content and the demand for books of your chosen topic.

One of the really great things about writing and self-publishing eBooks is that most of the online book stores such as Amazon, (who are by far the biggest) as well as almost all the others, will list and sell it for you with no upfront fees. You pay a commission on sales and they handle everything, including marketing sales and book distribution, then deposit the money into your account or send you a check. You are also free (as you own the book) to sell and market it in any other market place such as eBay, or through your own or friends’ and associates’ webpages or blogs.

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