Earn Money By Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the ultimate passive income provider. It can be made to be totally automatic with your only input being to check the system and cash the checks. The term drop shipping is when you create an e-Store front that offers products from certain manufacturers. The client visits your store, orders a product, or places an order with you, and someone else (usually an assembly company in another country, often India, or somewhere in South East Asia) makes the product inexpensively and ships it directly to the customer.
You don’t send the money to the manufacturer until after the client has paid you, so there is no risk involved, you never even see, handle, or do anything with the physical product other than manage the whole process (and even that can be outsourced if you really want). As a seller, this is incredibly efficient because you don’t need to have any inventory, overhead costs, storage costs, and very little liability. So if you have a good idea for a product that could be mass-produced at an economical price, it could be original or something someone else provides, then drop shipping might be a great opportunity for you.
Once you have a product, by using the drop ship method, you can sell anywhere, as well as in your own store, using companies like eBay or Amazon, or some of the other sites that are mentioned in this chapter to reach the widest audience possible.

Take a look through Amazon at all the products available. The name brands are all there with their huge mark ups (you pay for the name, not necessarily the quality) and all the look-alike products are there as well. Many of them are poorly represented, so if your chosen product is presented properly, your SEO is in place, and you have priced it to compete, there is a lot of money to be made from the 3.5 billion people using the internet.

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